P3sixty Advisors + DSG enable the successful execution of your Strategic Growth Initiatives.

P3sixty Advisors + DSG will help you develop the most engaged and agile sales organization in your market segment. It’s time to go beyond off-the-shelf sales training programs and implement an agile approach and culture spanning the functions of Leadership, Marketing, Enablement, and Sales to execute strategic growth initiatives and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

So how does the revenue organization coordinate strategy and build a culture that can stay agile in the face of economic and political disruption, and new market opportunities? The first step is to fully accept the reality that the business, marketing, and sales strategy for every company will need to continuously adapt going forward!

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor Sales ConversationsTM

B2B buyers don’t want to be prospected, pitched or closed…they want education, insight, perspective and guidance along their often complex decision journey”

Today’s buyers don’t want to be prospected, pitched, or closed. They want to be educated and benefit from your point of view and valuable insights. They are looking for guidance along their often complex decision journey. Trusted Advisor Sales Conversations provides your sales team with the tools and content to overcome the gravitational pull of buyer’s status quo bias…often your strongest competitor.

When they are ready to make a decision, buyers look to a sales advisor they know they can trust. Over 51% of decision makers rank TRUST as the top quality they look for in a salesperson. 

Taking into full account the changes taking place in B2B Buyer/Seller relationships, P3sixty Advisors developed the Trusted Advisor Sales Conversations™ program that is client and industry adaptable. The program can be adopted as your foundational sales methodology or to drive performance enhancement from existing B2B sales methodologies such as Miller Heiman, Sandler, or Challenger to name just a few. Our mission is to position your team as recognized Trusted Advisors that results in a significant competitive advantage and professional differentiation.

Strategic Growth Initiatives

Strategic Growth Initiatives

P3sixty Advisors + DSG | Powerful Alone…Stronger Together

Every company places bets on the future whether that means a comprehensive sales transformation or simply getting sales focused on a new product launch.  The challenge is turning great strategies into great sales results.  If you have a specific growth initiative, P3sixty Advisors + DSG will empower your leadership team to establish organizational alignment and develop sales enablement tools and content to drive the achievement of targeted financial outcomes.

Examples of Strategic Growth Initiatives:

  • New Go-To-Market Messaging or Corporate Story
  • New Product Launch | Product Sales Acceleration
  • Post Acquisition Sales Integration
  • Integrated Solutions Selling
  • Vertical Account Selling
  • Key Account Expansion and Cross Selling
  • Indirect Selling
  • Partner Co-Selling
  • Coaching Implementation
  • Sales Process Improvement
Sales Enablement

Driving Sustainable Financial Results

“We Turn Your Sales Growth Strategies into Financial Results”

P3sixty Advisors + DSG, create the ultimate sales performance tool, the Virtual Video Playbook or vPlaybook. We develop practical, sales-friendly playbooks in four key areas: Strategy, Messaging, Process, and Leadership.

These client-specific playbooks are the foundation for experiential training programs that build momentum and lead to mastery of the content, tools, and practices in each playbook. As leaders look to onboard new reps faster, launch new products, or change the selling strategy, vPlaybook approach can be an accelerator for both aligning and enabling the sales channels

Sales and marketing executives retain DSG to create practical, sales-friendly Playbooks. Click the links below for more detail:

Sales Performance and Accountability

Sales Performance and Accountability

The Business of Accountability™ provides sales leaders with a customized Sales Performance Accountability System for executing sales strategy. Companies, sales leadership and sales people all benefit from implementing a sustainable system for:

  • Aligning goals and objectives
  • Setting quality standards
  • Communicating clear expectations
  • Removing obstacles that impede success 
  • Producing high quality, high impact work products
  • Developing high performance sales teams

If you manage sales people, lead a sales team, or hold a position that requires you to achieve results through others, a workplace accountability system can help. Sales people, especially exemplary performers, thrive in an environment where expectations are high and people are held accountable for results. So, it makes sense to implement a sustainable workplace accountability system and create a high performance environment. Sales organizations benefit from increased productivity, decreased turnover, and enhanced employee engagement when they develop a culture of accountability that benefits both sales people and managers.

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