John Adams, Consulting Principal for Corporate Visions

While success metrics like new logo acquisition, pipeline growth, profit margins, and customer churn are readily available and measurable, tracking the cause of a downward spiral is not always as easy.

No matter how much you invest in people, solutions, and strategies, it will all be for nothing without customers. That means the commercial conversations you have with prospects and customers are the critical component of growth and profitability.

Your teams are having these conversations in person and virtually, as well as through the assets and materials you create across all your commercial organizations:

  • Marketing teams who create programs that drive awareness and generate opportunities;
  • Inside sales, field sales, and account management teams that work to close those opportunities; and,
  • Customer success and support organizations that are tasked with supporting, developing, retaining, and expanding customer relationships.

71% of commercial leaders believe the biggest risk to success and failure is the ability or inability to articulate value

Forrester Research

The challenge commercial leaders like you face in these conversations across your sales, marketing, and customer success organizations is that you are not at all confident in the ability of your organizations to articulate truly differentiated and meaningful value.

The problem is that the concept of value is abstract – it means very different things to executives across different roles, industries, and organizations. And our research shows it’s very different depending on whether you’re talking to a new prospect or an existing customer

That’s why companies like yours come to Corporate Visions: to articulate value based on the way buyers make decisions.

When you understand your buyer’s psychology – how they frame value and make choices – you can shape your conversations to meet them where they are in that moment and articulate value consistently throughout your organization.

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